Cricket Fried Chicken

Cricket Fried Chicken - low carb - paleo

My passion for foraging wild foods has also helped me to come around to the idea that eating crickets for protein is a totally natural thing to do. And after watching enough episodes of Naked and Afraid where people eat every little thing that moves to stay alive, the idea of eating dried ground up crickets started to seem pretty tame. So I reached out to the guys at Cricket Flours based in Portland Oregon for more info on their USA raised cricket flour. While adding crickets to the dinner plate is a relatively new concept in American cooking, many cultures around the world include crickets and other insects in their everyday diets. Continue reading

Chicken Chow Mein – Paleo – Low Carb

Chicken Chow Mein Recipe - Paleo - Low Carb - Grain-Free

This Chicken “Lo Mein” or “Subgum” Chow Mein is just as addicting and crave-worthy as the msg laden stuff I used to love as a child. And oh, I loved Chinese food as a kid. On the special occasion nights that we got take out my mom would have to go through the drive through for my little sister’s plain hamburger no sauce and fries and then dart across the street for my Chinese food special #5 that came with subgum chicken chow mein (or low mein), sweet and sour chicken, hot and sour soup, and egg rolls.  It’s no wonder I have dedicated so much of my blog to recreating these Chinese food favorites, as they became my favorite “comfort foods” at such a young age. I now prefer my grain-free, paleo versions to the “fast food” served in many Chinese restaurants these days too! Let’s face it high quality pasture raised meats, organic veggies, and soy-free meals taste so much better and make ya feel better too.

If you are a fan of Chinese take-out and want to try my paleo, low carb versions, be sure to check out my recipes for:  Sweet and Sour Chicken, Paleo Egg Rolls, and Hot and Sour Soup.

Chicken Chow Mein Recipe - Paleo - Low Carb - Grain-Free

Make your own Low Carb + Paleo Chinese Dinner Special #5 with my recipes for Sweet and Sour Chicken, Paleo Egg Rolls, Hot and Sour Soup. and Chicken Chow Mein (below) !   Continue reading

Watermelon Salt Water Taffy

Watermelon Salt Water Taffy - 2 ingredients - Sugar Free - Paleo - Easy Recipe

I love that there are only 2 ingredients in this recipe: Watermelon + Sea Salt. And both ingredients that I used were made right here in Oregon. I used Jacobsen’s sea salt harvested not too far from our house, off the Oregon Coast. We took a tour of his salt works facility last summer, see this post for pics.  If you have a high quality finishing flaked sea salt this is the recipe to use it in! And if not any pure sea salt will work too. I also used an organic Oregon grown watermelon so – talk about a “local” food recipe!

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Baking with Watermelon Seed Flour – Paleo – Low Carb – Pancakes – Waffles

Baking with Watermelon Seed Flour - Paleo - Low Carb - Pancakes - Waffles

Just when I thought I had tried every starch free ingredient under the sun to bake with in the kitchen, I discover a new ingredient that surpasses my expectations for grain-free, starch-free, baking. This new discovery really surprised me! A search through google led me to realize the potential of this neat little seed hasn’t yet been explored as I could not find any recipes for using watermelon seeds as a “flour” except for a few studies that were done by a government agency, otherwise nothing. I believe I am the first blogger using these seeds in baked good recipes! And I can tell you I have so many recipes I can’t wait to try these seeds in! I also plan to start infiltrating some of my almond flour pastries with one part watermelon seed, more on that below…. And while at first it seems like a strange concept to bake with watermelon seeds, think of all the recipes out there with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, etc.

Sprouted Watermelon Seed Waffles - Pancakes - Low Carb - Paleo

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Paleo Frappuccino- Detox “Coffee”

Dandelion Coffee Frappuccino - Vegan - Paleo - Detox Drink - Low Carb - Bulletproof Coffee

This drink is my secret weapon to starting the day off right! I drink my home roasted “detox coffee” (recipe below) everyday and most mornings I make it into this frappucino drink. If you use 3 medjool dates to sweeten it then it can literally stand against the regular frappucino in flavor and consistency. But it also tastes amazing without any added sugar. If you add the optional cacao, then I suggest adding a sweetener to balance the bitter chocolate. This detox coffee has a natural sweetness in it so if you don’t add cacao you honestly don’t need to add sweetener of any kind. And I found with the added carob powder no sweetener was needed. I vary this drink recipe depending on how many calories I feel like I need to start the day. You can easily do a “bullet proof” version by adding in a Tablespoon of MCT oil, and using stevia to sweeten.

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Summer Salad with Toasted Wild Plum Pit Nuts

salad 11
salad 17

How to harvest Wild Plum Pit “Nuts” and feature them in a delicious summer salad!

This salad reminds me of mountain range. It starts off with a peak of fresh summer lettuce greens tossed in a a floral vinaigrette made from cherry pits and white wine vinegar that seriously tastes like cherry blossoms, mix in sliced wild plums, crisp cucumber, radishes, wild huckleberries, toasted wild plum pit “nuts”, finally crumble on a little goat cheese to cascade down like snow. This is my theme salad for this summer. We eat variations of this salad many times a week. Continue reading

Peach Ice Cream with Candied Walnuts

*Instant* Peach Ice Cream - Vegan - No Ice Cream Maker Needed - Paleo

I can’t even put into words how much I love fresh Oregon peaches in the late summer. A fresh ripe peach makes a wonderful dessert on it’s own. And on the nights where I am craving ice cream, I whip up this ice cream dish in minutes. Just be sure to have frozen peaches on hand and your choice of “milk” so you can enjoy this instant ice cream without needing to mess with an ice cream machine. It is ready to eat like a thick soft serve custard right after blending, or you can spoon into a dish and place it in the freezer for an hour until its firm enough to scoop like traditional ice cream. I like to quickly candy a handful of walnuts while the ice cream is chilling, to add a little kick of salty sweet crunchiness to this dessert.   Continue reading

Plum Ketchup

Plum Ketchup - Paleo - Nightshade-free - AIP - Easy Recipe

I love using other fruits to replace tomatoes as it eliminates the need for adding extra sugars. When you read the label on a bottle of ketchup you will find: tomato paste, corn syrup or sugar, water, vinegar, dried onion, allspice, cloves. So I just cut out the tomatoes and added sugars and use plums in their place. The additional flavors of allspice and cloves bring it all home. I love using this ketchup as a dipping sauce for my kohlrabi fritters and cream puffs, and for my sesame chicken recipe. It also goes great over my bison meatloaf recipe.

I had to quit tomatoes 5 years ago while on the SCD intro diet when I experienced a ton of inflammation after having cut them out for a few weeks and later re-introducing them. Since then, I have been looking for the perfect ketchup replacement. Over the years I have come up with tomato-free Cherry BBQ Sauce, Huckleberry BBQ Sauce, and Strawberry Balsamic Pizza Sauce (all of these recipes are in my cookbook), and finally I can say I have a Ketchup that is just as good, and I think even better than the real thing! If you are looking for homemade mustard, mayo, and bbq sauces that are SCD, starch-free, and night-shade free, check out my cookbook.

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Cheesy Fritter Cream Puffs – Low Carb

Cheesy Cream Puff - Low Carb - Keto - Grain Free

One of my favorite things about British Columbia Canada is that I was able to find kohlrabi in every market and grocery store I shopped in! And while visiting our neighbors to the north I got to enjoy some of the biggest and most delicious kohlrabi I have ever had in my life! I even stocked up our cooler full of kohlrabi to bring back home with us, which made for interesting conversation at the US Border when I had to declare my cooler full of kohlrabi. Made me wonder, how many other people are smuggling kohlrabi across the border!??

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Kohlrabi Fritters (or Zucchini Fritters)

Kohlrabi (or Zucchini) Fritters - Low Carb - Primal - Gluten Free Reicpe

Kohlrabi is pretty much my favorite veggie. I describe them tasting like a “German Potato” which means they have a richer taste yet can stand in for potatoes in many recipes, though not all. I love the way kohlrabi works in these fritters! The autoimmune disease I have makes my body really sensitive to starches, and I love how kohlrabi is super low in starch, and also low in carbs too. And it is so easy on my gut. I don’t do well with cauliflower at all unfortunately, so kohlrabi is my veggie of choice for paleo-tizing things like fritters, breakfast potatoes, etc. If you are looking for an even cheesier cream puff like fritter, check out my other recipe here.

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