My Pure and Simple Paleo Cookbook!

Pure and Simple Paleo: a Low Starch CookbookI started out on the journey to heal my gut 8 years ago because I had no choice. I was suffering from so much inflammation in my GI tract that I could not longer eat anything it seemed without extreme bloating, cramping, and pain. I had to piece together my own diet through the process of elimination. I started out by eliminating gluten, dairy, corn and soy. I eventually discovered theSpecific Carbohydrate Diet, SCD, which was a big game changer for me. I followed the SCD diet with great results in controlling my IBS and colitis symptoms. A year later I finally got the ankylosing spondylitis, AS, diagnosis and went on to discover the work of Dr. Alan Ebringer, a London rheumatologist and researcher, who developed the low starch diet for AS. Continue reading

Falling Fruit Foraging World Map

Falling Fruit Foraging Map

This project is too cool not to share! The folks behind Falling Fruit have created an interactive map with over 787,470 locations of 1,262 different edible fruits, berries, nuts and herbs free for the picking around the world. Many of the locations I have looked at so far are on public lands and are easily accessible without permission. After a quick look at the interactive map I found places where I can go pick fresh figs, cherries, salal berries, rosemary, blackberries, apples, crabapples, salmonberries, huckleberries, thimbleberries (my favorite!) pears and more. In the Portland, Oregon area alone there are over 13,000 places that have been identified for free picking. Continue reading

Apple Pie Parfait

Apple Pie Parfait Steve's Paleo Krunch

The folks at Steve’s Paleo Goods sent me some super yummy samples to try last week. After trying the apple pie granola and maple mustard dressing, I instantly became a fan. This stuff is actually reall good!! These are the foods you dream of eating when on a road trip or airplane flight. Going forward I am definitely stocking some of their goodies in my pantry so I am always prepared for a last minute trip, or even a simple quick snack at home. Their is nothing worse then traveling all day and arriving somewhere exhausted and starving with zero options for foods that won’t make you feel sick, you know? Steve’s also has a great selection of paleo snacks like their jerky & dried fruit kits, a paleo krunch bacon bar, seriously awesome salad dressings and sauces, and more goodies.

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Cherry Pie Jam

Cherry Pie Jam - sugar free recipePicking pie cherries is one of my most favorite activities of the summer! And when I make this cherry pie jam I am preserving a little bit of summer in every jar to savor throughout the year. Picking cherries is always the easy part right? I can easily pick 15 to 20 pounds in an hour. It’s the pitting that can be more time consuming. With the Montmorency pie cherries I find the pits come out pretty easily without using much effort, but I have found this cherry pitter to be quite helpful when removing the pits from sweet cherries.

Have you all used Pomona’s Pectin yet? The great thing about Pomona’s is you can use any low sugar or sugar free sweetener you want to to make awesome jam. I personally like using apple juice concentrate as my sweetener, you know the little frozen cartons you can buy at the grocery store that you normally add water to to make apple juice? I just measure out 1 cup of the frozen concentrate and use it as a sweetener for this recipe. Or you can use any other sweetener in it’s place including: Stevia (that measures cup for cup), Maple Syrup, Honey, Xylitol (keep xylitol away from dogs!), or any other sweetener that measures out like sugar. Continue reading

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts – Low Carb – Gluten Free

Low Carb Donuts - Gluten FreeThis has been by go-to donut recipe for a while now! And I never tire of it. Recently I changed it up by using Lankanto as the sweetener, but they taste just as amazing with honey if you’d rather use that.

For the past eight months I have been using erythritol in my diet on occasion, and I have had no bad reactions to it whatsoever. Is it too good to be true that I found a sweet tasting zero calorie sweetener with no side effects? We will have to wait and see! But so far 8 months in, I have no complaints. I have read it can cause IBS for some, so feel free to use any other sweetener you’d like in this recipe, including sweet divine honey or maple syrup. The Now Brand erythritol I buy is a fermented sugar alcohol made from Non-GMO corn.

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Dandelion Root Coffee

Dandelion Root Detox CoffeeI can’t sing high enough praises for how much I appreciate having roasted dandelion root coffee (also referred to as tea) in my life! I have recently starting making my own fresh roasted dandelion coffee every day, and it is resonating with me so well! The dandelion coffee I am making is rich, full bodied, and has a natural sweetness with hints of caramel, without any sugars added. It doesn’t taste exactly like coffee, and that is okay, because I now like it so much more than coffee.

And here is how I got turned on to it. For the past few years I was a fan of Dandy Blend, which is a coffee substitute made with dandelion root, chicory, and a few other ingredients that are processed, freeze dried and turned into a powder that makes a pretty decent instant latte, without any actual coffee in it. But I had run out of Dandy Blend and thought maybe I finally would try making my own dandelion coffee. And oh my, was I missing out!! And while I liked the taste of Dandy Blend, I wasn’t experiencing any of the amazing health benefits like I get from roasting the root myself.

After my first glass of fresh roasted dandelion root coffee I was hooked. And I started to crave it! And I noticed that my body, mind and spirit were feeling especially energized after a week of drinking it. So I went on the internet to read more about this elixir I was making. And I found pages, and pages of stories, studies, and testimonies of extraordinary things that happened when people drank dandelion root tea! Initially I started drinking dandelion root coffee purely for the sake of having a tasty beverage as I can no longer tolerate coffee. I wasn’t expecting any added health benefits from my home brewed dandelion lattes. But I was experiencing benefits, no doubt about that! Below are just a few of the amazing things I have recently discovered about dandelion root tea! Continue reading

Grain Free Granola made from Nut Pulp

Budget Friendly - Grain Free Granola!This granola is now my top favorite use for the leftover nut pulp you get after making a fresh batch of nut milk! The nut pulp creates a light and crunchy granola. It’s perfect for guilt free, grain free snacking. I sell high quality 100% nylon mesh bags, made here in the USA, on my website for $10 each (free shipping!) so you can make batch after batch of fresh almond, walnut, or hazelnut milk, and then also have an endless supply of nut pulp to make this granola. I love pure + simple recipes like this, where nothing goes to waste and the whole family can enjoy them.

This recipe was inspired by a photo Alicia took of the honey nut granola she made from a recipe in the cookbook, A Place to Start Without Sugar or Starch, which I haven’t actually read yet myself. She shared the photo in our Low/No Starch Diet for Ankylosing Spondylitis on Facebook. And I was like, awesome! A granola made from nut milk pulp! Brilliant. I created my own version below. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Feel free to use the pulp from any nuts. Almonds seem to yield the most pulp. You can also use walnut, hazelnut, or another nut that you prefer. Continue reading

Instant Berry Ice Cream (vegan, paleo, starch-free, low carb)

Instant Vegan Ice Cream - No Ice Cream Maker RequiredOne of the things I missed most about going starch free to manage my auto-immune disease of Ankylosing Spodylitis, was the instant banana “nice cream” ice creams! I used to love to whirl up frozen bananas with a scoop of almond butter and chocolate for an instant creamy treat. Well folks, I am happy to say I found the starch-free fix for instant ice cream!

If you have been following me over the years, you will have seen quite a few of my favorite slow churn ice cream recipes on, (the Cherry Garcia and Mint Chocolate Chip have been the biggest hits!) but the wonderful thing about this recipe, is there is no ice cream machine needed! All you need is a blender. Yep, its that simple. I use my Vitamix to whip this right up in less then a minute, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t also work in a standard blender? I bet a food processor would also work! Though if you are looking for an excuse to finally buy a Vitamix, this is the perfect reason!

I have tried a few different flavors so far. Tart Pie Cherry, Strawberry, and Blueberry, are my current favorites.  And wow, topped with a little “magic shell” (recipe here) and some freeze dried berries, and you’ve got an instant ice cream sundae.

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Paleo Pad Thai (low carb, vegan)

Pad Thai - Grain Free - Low StarchI have always been a huge fan of Thai Food. I practically lived on veggie Thai Food in my 20’s. I had a handful of places in Portland I would order it to go from, but I also made it at home a lot, like a lot, a lot. My favorite Thai dishes are the Coconut Milk Curries, like Yellow, Green, and one place did a phenomenal Red Pumpkin Curry. I am still working on my own starch free/night shade free curries, sounds exciting right? I also loved the fresh salad rolls, sticky rice with mango, curry noodle soups, Tom Kha (recipe for that coming soon too!) and of course Pad Thai. Here is a starch-free, paleo Pad Thai recipe that I am truly happy with! I honestly don’t miss the old version now that I have this one, and this one is so simple, it’s ready in less time then it would take to phone in an order to-go and pick it up. I hope you enjoy this dish too!

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Flax Waffles (grain free, low carb, paleo, keto)

Flax Waffles - Low Carb - Keto
If you like my Flax Jacks Pancakes Recipe (post here), then I think you are going to love these Flax Waffles! They are light and have almost a buttery taste and texture to them. I just took my pancake recipe and added in some organic expeller pressed coconut oil (expeller pressed coconut oil has no coconut taste). I also made a successful batch of waffles without the added fat, but really like the texture best with it. I personally like the taste and color of golden flax seeds best, but feel free to use dark brown flax seed meal in this recipe if you please. Continue reading