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    Vegan Chocolate Mousse Fig Pudding


    This vegan chocolate mousse is pure magic. You will be amazed at what a creamy fig pudding you can make by simply blending dried figs with coconut milk. You’d swear there is a cashew or nut involved, but there isn’t! In some ways this pudding reminds me of chia pudding, but without the chia seeds. You can make this pudding in a variety of flavors like vanilla, carob, and raw chocolate. I am usually not a big fan of carob but I really love it in this pudding!

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  • Roasted Beets with Fennel and Kohlrabi

    Roasted Beets and Fennel

    You guys, I am currently addicted to roasted golden beets with fennel and red onion. Like seriously. I am making up for…

  • Persimmon Pie - Paleo Vegan Pie

    Persimmon Pie

    This persimmon pie is paleo and vegan and it is such a nice seasonal treat to enjoy in the fall….

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    Low Carb Cheese Danish

    I honestly never thought I would be able to sink my teeth into a real cheese danish ever again in my…

  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowl with Grilled Pork Chops and Pineapple

    Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowl

    This Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowl is a little burst of sunshine on a cold rainy day! I so hope you guys get…

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    Strawberry Goat Milk Ice Cream

    I have been making this probiotic rich goat milk ice cream pretty much every day lately. It’s that good. And…

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    Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

    Be forewarned. These sea salt chocolate caramel candies are sinfully delicious!! They take 15 minutes to make from start to…

  • Cricket Country Gravy

    Cricket Country Gravy

    This cricket country gravy is smooth and savory. It’s also protein rich and a  great option for those on grain-free diets….

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    Cricket Fried Chicken

    My passion for foraging wild foods has also helped me to come around to the idea that eating crickets for…

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    I can’t believe it’s not Hummus!

    When you try this hummus you will likely find yourself saying, “I can’t believe it’s not real hummus!” Because that…

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    Chicken Chow Mein – Paleo – Low Carb

    This Chicken “Lo Mein” or “Subgum” Chow Mein is just as addicting and crave-worthy as the msg laden stuff I used to love…

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    Watermelon Salt Water Taffy

    I love that there are only 2 ingredients in this recipe: Watermelon + Sea Salt. And both ingredients that I…

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    Paleo Frappuccino- Detox Coffee

    This drink is my secret weapon to starting the day off right! I drink my home roasted “detox coffee” (recipe…