GingerRoot Rendezvous – A Wild Food Adventure

One of the most magical & informative wild food foraging adventures I have ever experienced was in June when I attended the Ginger Root Rendezvous Wild Food Adventure 4 day camp-out and workshop taught by Dr. John Kallas. This event takes place every summer in Silverton, Oregon. The extended weekend event is dedicated to being out in the field, learning how to correctly identify and prepare wild foods, and celebrating how tasty wild foods can be with a shared dinner each night. In this post I am going to share a little snippet of the highlights of the weekend, including some of the wild plants we learned about, but you will have to get yourselves out to Silverton, Oregon next summer if you want to know EVERYTHING this intensive wild food weekend entails!

Photo above from our Wild Food Feast in which we were let loose in the kitchen of the Silverton Grange Hall with buckets, baskets, and tubs full of wild edible plants we collected over the weekend to create a special dinner among new friends! One of the highlights of this dinner were the wild dolmas made with broadleaf plantain, wild rice, feral mint, topped with wild pea flowers (pictured above, lower right).

gingerroot rendezvous Dr. John Kallas with cattails

Dr. John Kallas teaches us all about cattails! And how to correctly harvest and prepare them. Turns out the best part to eat is actually hidden inside the stalks. We used the “cattail” flour we harvested to make “hushpuppies” and we also boiled it, buttered it up, and ate it like corn on the cob.

The picture below is what the male and female parts of the cattail look like before being boiled or turned into cattail “flour”. We also learned a cool trick to harvesting and drying the cattail pollen, a protein rich seasoning that can be used to flavor dishes or sprinkle on popcorn.

gingerroot rendezvous cattail male and female

Below is a photo of the cattail “hushpuppies” we made paired up with a delicious wild plum chutney. We made 2 types of hushpuppies, some “paleo” ones for me with almond flour + cattail + egg + sea salt, and more traditional version for everyone else made with corn flour + cattail + egg + sea salt. They were surprisingly tasty, but then again, are most things deep fried pretty tasty?

gingerroot rendezvous 1

gingerroot rendezvous 10

Photo above: harvesting Oregon wild grape.

gingerroot rendezvous wild elk

Above: a special Wild Elk & Wild Greens Dish made with elk meat hunted previously, super tasty!

Below: A Wild Cherry & Wild Plum Cobbler, topped with mallow flowers, absolutely divine!

gingerroot rendezvous wild cherry cobbler - wild spinach salad

gingerroot rendezvous 13

Above: Harvesting Oxeye Daisies to be used in salads. This was my first time trying oxeye daisy greens, they are so delicious! Kinda lemony and overall quite mild for a wild green.

Below: Me holding a bouquet of wild spinach also known as wild goosefoot. I sauteed up some of this wild spinach in a wild quiche for our feast.

gingerroot rendezvous 12

Below: Karla sharing info on the dishes she helped make for the wild food dinner. She was also the mastermind behind those incredible dolmas & that wild plum chutney.

gingerroot rendezvous silverton oregon

A behind the scenes look into the Silverton Grange Hall Kitchen where we prepared our dinners together, shared our favorite tips and tricks for wild food preparation, and sang campfire songs together while doing dishes.

gingerroot rendezvous 11

Dinner outside on the lawn at the Silverton Grange Hall.

For more info and to get signed up for the next GingerRoot Rendezvous, check out the Wild Food Adventures website. The workshop normally starts on a Friday evening, with full days out in the field on both Saturday & Sunday, and ends with a shared wild food breakfast on Monday. Camping is also included on the shady lawn of the Silverton Grange Hall. I couldn’t recommend this event more to anyone interested in wild foods! ♥

gingerroot rendezvous 7

Dr. John Kallas also runs other hands on wild food workshops throughout the year, so check out his page on upcoming workshops. Many of the workshops are just a few hours long, held on afternoons near Portland and around NW Oregon, and all of them are more than reasonably priced.

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful, fulfilling, and educational time that you will remember for a long time. I love those wild daises on the table they look absolutely beautiful and the food looks so tasty.Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays blog hop. Pinned & tweeted!

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