Handmade Gifts for Christmas – from Uncommon Goods (Review)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Forest and Fauna!

I was thrilled when Uncommon Goods asked if I would be interesting in reviewing some handmade gifts from their artists and makers! Uncommon Goods is an online community market place where you can pick out handcrafted gifts that are truly made with love! Each gift has a story about the artist who made it just for you.

I have been wanting my very own handmade ceramic bowl for ages!

And I love this beach style stoneware bowl I received from Uncommon Goods. The bowl pictured below, was made just for me, literally made to order by ceramicist Jeana Greulach who shares that “I’d love for my pieces to enhance the beauty in someone’s daily life.”♥ Her bowl has added beauty to many of my daily lunches so far!

(Bowl from Uncommon Goods is pictured filled with my favorite organic GF pasta made by Edison Grainery, whirled in goat cheese and served over bitter winter greens)

Below are some more great affordable gift ideas from Uncommon Goods!

I also had so much fun making these felt succulents with a kit I received from Uncommon Goods.

This is a great DIY gift for crafty kids, a friend who may be stuck in bed due to an illness, or a gal like me who looks for any excuse she can to make things with her hands.

I put these Healing Stone Mugs on my wish list too!

I am always stumped when it comes to gift ideas to give to those who may be stuck in the hospital or having a flare up of an auto-immune disease, and I think these handmade healing stone mugs make the perfect heartfelt and supportive gift. Especially when gifted with nice teas or coffee.

Here are the healing powers associated with each handmade mug:

Blue Mug: Clear Quartz, a popular healing crystal, is considered to be the master healer, aiding many areas of the body.
Red Mug: Tiger’s Eye/Cat’s Eye aids in focusing the mind and is used in meditation.
Purple Mug: Rose Quartz, the important crystal for the heart chakra and is the unconditional love stone.
Dark Brown Mug: Citrine, the stone of regenerating, raises self-confidence and is also known as the financial prosperity stone.

You can check out this link for more Uncommon Gift ideas curated for family members.

And speaking of tea…

I sent a blooming flower tea kit just like this to a dear friend last Christmas! I have secretly always wanted to try making blooming flower teas, but gifting this tea pot and teas felt just as special as if I had made them myself! This blooming tea set is also available from Uncommon Goods for $21.


True story,

A few years ago a good friend of mine gave her husband a beer brewing kit for Christmas. And last year they opened their very own brewery! There are a lot of different beer brewing kits to choose from at Uncommon Goods, like this one, starting at $45.

I try to be ethical about my purchases. ♥

Whether it’s sourcing truly pasture raised meats, cruelty free shampoos and skin care products, and fair trade chocolates and coffee, I will gladly pay an extra dollar or two to buy products that support small businesses and artisans. I believe we have the power to create the world we want to live in everyday with our actions! And that includes voting with our dollars each day.

And that is why I love shopping with Uncommon Goods too, as they put their values above profits. Uncommon Goods has worked to create a sustainable business in all its aspects. Taken from their site: “We attempt to minimize our environmental impact, working with our artists to use sustainable or recycled materials whenever possible, choosing environmentally friendlier packing materials, and printing our catalog on Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] certified and recycled paper. We’re building relationships with non-profit organizations through Better to Give, a program we created that allows our customers to choose a partner for us to donate $1 to with every order.” YES!!

They are also a Certified B Corporation which means they have undergone and passed a comprehensive screening questionnaire, which evaluates areas including company governance, environmental practices, and impacts on the local community. ♥

And with that, I live you with this link to window shop and daydream about what you will do with that gardening kit, kombucha starter kit, and fancy handmade serving ware featured in this top rated artisan gifts line-up!

Cheers to shopping for and creating handmade gifts this year! 


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