AIP Paleo Banana Bread – Vegan

This vegan autoimmune paleo approved banana bread passed the test!! The test being, my husband loved it, I LOVE it, and it toasted up beautifully (in the toaster oven) so I could butter the heck out of it with non-aip goat milk butter. But even if you don’t slather this bread in butta, I think you are still gonna luuuuv it!! Especially if you are on the no-egg train.

I personally can eat eggs just fine, but I have a vegan streak that runs through me,  that started when I first went vegan at 13, and sometimes I still just like baking up vegan delights. (Plus I love to share recipes that my egg-free friends can enjoy!) And in my early 20’s I used to dream of one day owning a vegan bakery, and it was that same passion that fueled me to run my raw food company “Betty Rawker” for a few years. And now I love the balance between a plate full of blissful vegan eats and with a little goat cheese, or a chunk of pastured raised meat, or wild caught fish on the side, and oh ya, gotta have the goat milk butter to slather on anything coming out of the toaster oven. At the heart of it though, the bulk of my diet these days is powered by plants. And for those interested in trying a vegan paleo approach, you can check out this article on the truth about vegan paleo.

If I had to come up with any complaints, I mean ya, it is a little dense, but egg-free banana bread honestly tastes great a little dense, you know? ♥

AIP Paleo Vegan Banana Bread - Easy Recipe - Gluten-free, Grain-free, Egg-free. ♥

I’m telling ya, this recipe gets brownie points in the comfort food department.

AIP Paleo Vegan Banana Bread - Easy Recipe - Gluten-free, Grain-free, Egg-free. ♥

This bread slices up wonderfully and can be sliced into about 12 slices. You can wrap up those slices individually, freeze some, whatever you please. I know a slice of this paleo banana bread would make a fabulous addition to any gut healing AIP breakfast plate.

AIP Paleo Banana Bread - Vegan

A delicious vegan, paleo, nut-free, egg-free banana bread!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Servings 12 slices
Calories 154 kcal
Author Andrea


  • 3 ripe bananas (medium size)
  • 1 cup cassava flour
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour (see notes for brand I use)
  • 1/2 cup coconut sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons oil (I used avocado oil)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch sea salt


  1. Peel bananas and then use a fork to mash them in a mixing bowl.

  2. Mix in ingredients in the order they are listed. Mix well.

  3. Line a small bread pan with parchment paper (or grease well) and spoon in batter. Use a spatula to smooth the top of the batter.

  4. Bake at 350*F for 50 minutes. (check on it at 40 minutes in case your oven runs a little hotter.)

  5. Let cool and then slice. I love to toast the slices (in the toaster oven) the next day and serve with goats milk butter.

    Note: this loaf of banana bread will be smaller and more dense than a standard loaf made with eggs, but I enjoy it just as much. ♥

    If you like this recipe, you are sure to enjoy my Paleo AIP Carrot Cake Recipe too!

Recipe Notes

I use Otto's Cassava Flour - order here.

I use this brand of coconut flour.

Estimated nutritional info below, click on image to zoom in. 154 calories per serving (slice) based on slicing loaf into 12 slices.

Recipe shared at: Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable






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86 thoughts on “AIP Paleo Banana Bread – Vegan

  1. Hi, i tried this recipe twice but both times it did not bake in the middle 🙁 i used tapioca flour instead of cassava flour. Could that have made the difference? We have no cassava flour where I live, while foods only sells tapioca or arrowroot flour. Help!

    1. Hi Anna,

      So Tapioca Flour and Cassava Flour are Not the same thing.

      Below is an excerpt from Otto’s Naturals Website:

      Q: Is Otto’s Cassava Flour the same as Tapioca flour/starch?

      A: No. Tapioca is the bleached and extracted starch of the cassava root. Otto’s Cassava Flour is a whole food! It is the whole root; peeled, dried, and ground. Otto’s Cassava Flour and tapioca flour/starch have VERY DIFFERENT actions in both BAKING and your digestive system.

      You can read more about cassava flour here:

      If you can’t get cassava flour where you live I suggest finding a different recipe that uses the flours you have available.


  2. Do you have any suggestions for a coconut flour substitute? I don’t tolerate coconut flour very well.

    1. Hi DeShea,

      I wish I did! Coconut flour is such a unique ingredient. Without experimenting with this recipe many more times using other flours I can’t honestly recommend any substitution ideas.

  3. This is such a wonderful AIP treat… I’ve made it twice in one week! Even my non-AIP boyfriend approved!

    1. Sweeteness! Thanks so much for the great feedback. I consider it a win when my non-Paleo hubby gives the thumbs up on a recipe too. After he okayed this banana bread recipe I knew it was safe to share! xx

  4. Thank you so much for the great recipe! My batch of bread however did not rise and the middle took forever to cook. Could it be because I packed it down too much in the pan? I followed everything in the recipe except I used olive oil instead of avocado oil. Does that make a difference? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kerri,

      It’s so hard for me to guess what went wrong as I’m not there. I doubt using olive oil made a big difference. I did note in the above recipe and in the blog post that this banana bread is more dense than traditional banana bread, but mine cooked throughout perfectly with zero complaints from my family on this end.

      Sorry to hear this recipe did not work out for you. Best of luck with finding a recipe that works better for you! ♥

  5. I experienced the same problem as some others…the outside had a crust that was kind of tough and dry, but all of the inside was gooey, like batter. Not bread-like or very sliceable. I will say the flavor was good though. I ate it anyways. But did not come out like the picture at all.

    1. That’s too bad to hear. What brand of cassava flour did you use?

      I’ve had the same great results everytime I’ve made it, otherwise I honestly wouldn’t go to the trouble of sharing the recipe.

      Best wishes that the next AIP recipe you try works like a dream!

  6. Made this twice so far and my husband loved it. Wondering if I could swap the bananas with pumpkin purée or applesauce for a variation? Unsure of what the measurement would be though…

    1. Hi Amy!

      Thanks for the great feed back! And a pumpkin version sounds heavenly!! Apple cinnamon too! ❤️ I am not sure off hand what the exact measurement of pumpkin purée would be, but I would love to find out!!

      I will put a pumpkin version on my “must try” list, and let you know how it turns out. And vice versa, if you come up with a good version I would love to feature your recipe on my blog.

      Oh, now you’ve got me daydreaming…. just in time for pumpkin season!

      Thanks so much!!

  7. Mine didn’t turn out well. It was tough on the outside and not fully cooked in the middle. Any ideas where I might have gone wrong?

    1. Hi Coleman!

      I wish I could shared some slices of my banana bread with you! As I loved it, or I never would have shared the recipe online. But unfortunately, because we aren’t cooking together in the kitchen, it’s hard for me to guess what might have went wrong. What brand of Cassava flour did you use? Was it Otto’s?

      Best wishes on your next adventure in cooking, and hopefully the next AIP recipe you try comes out like a dream. Cheers!

    2. I have tried this recipe so many times! I am at total fan!!! However on occasion it does come out with undercooked in the middle if I don’t have the right consistency in the batter. It is a thicker batter but don’t mistake it as a dough… The first few times I tried it… The batter was thick like a doe and that’s when I ran into the middle not being cooked enough. I say play around with it, sometimes I add a little bit more bananas less… I do find the size of your bananas really matter. Lol I hope this is helpful and presuades you into trying the recipe again… Because honestly once you get it right it is to die for! Totally kid approved and super easy… so easy I often make this before I send my kids off to school in the morning for fresh hot bread and I am no Susie homemaker!

  8. I used 1 cup pumpkin puree instead of bananas since I have quite a bit on hand that I made fresh from Halloween pumpkins (ultimate recycling!). It turned out great. All other ingredients stayed the same. Thanks for the awesome egg free recipe. My 1 year old very food allergic soon approves 🙂

    1. Hi Deanna!

      So glad to hear you pumpkin version turned out great! I had tried it a little while back using canned pumpkin in place of banana but my test batch didn’t cook up so great. I wonder if the secret is using fresh pumpkin as you described? I will have to try that next! So glad to hear your son approves too!! ♥

    2. Maybe! Fresh always seems to work differently than canned. I also used flower shaped silicone molds since all my bread pans were still running through the dishwasher. Nice easy individual servings 😊

  9. I just finished baking this…and it is so delicious! I only had 2 bananas so I used 1/4+ cup of applesauce. Other than that I followed the recipe including the mixing of each ingredient separately into the bananas and applesauce (in the order listed). It turned out perfectly.

  10. I cooked mine for more than an hour and the middle was still completely batter-like and raw. I use the exact brands of flour that you used, and coconut oil as well. I spread it out thin in a glass pan, but it still just did not cook in the middle. Do you think that if I cooked it maybe for like an hour and a half it would have finally cooked in the middle? I think the only way that this would cook is if you spread it out about the thickness of your finger in a huge glass pan and then it would just kind of be not bread like, but something else. I don’t understand why this is cooking through for some people and other people are cooking it far longer than it is listed and it is still raw in the middle. I have a standard oven. But thanks anyway for posting up your recipes for all of us to try out!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Honestly I have no idea why some have reported this recipe did not bake properly, while others, including myself, have had great results.

      At this point in time, the good reviews out number the bad, but if I get much more negative feedback I will remove this recipe from public view, and keep it only in my private recipe files.

      Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Not sure if elevation is to blame on this one? We live at 350 feet above sea level. While we do live in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range we don’t live at the top of a peak. Instead, we live in a river valley between peaks.

      I recently posted a new “egg-free” Paleo banana bread “mug cake” recipe, that I really like, and I haven’t had any complaints on yet. It’s a quick & easy one, here’s a link:

  11. I’ve made this 4 times already and its come out great everytime. I’ve tried out quite a few paleo banana breads before going on the A.I.P and this beats all of them by far. Thank you so much! This time substituted 1 Tablesoon of cassava flour with carob to give it a bit of a chocolately twist
    Normally takes a little longer to bake though, but that could just be my oven

  12. Thank you for this great recipe! In our house, I call this the “Banana Bread Monster Loaf.” I make this breakfast item about once per week for my two teenage sons and husband. It’s quite hearty and toasts and freezes well too. To make my version of a very large and tall loaf I use 10 bananas, omit the coconut sugar completely, swap out the lemon juice for ACV and double the rest of the ingredients. The cooking time will of course vary, so just cook till firm! 😀

    1. Hi Aurelia!

      The version you created looks wonderful! Next time I make a loaf I look forward to trying your version, thank you for sharing your notes! I have included a photo of your bread that you shared on Instagram, thanks so much for tagging me and sharing on IG! xx

      Here’s a link to the post on IG:

      AIP Banana Bread

      AIP banana bread

  13. Hi, Andrea! Quick question — would you suggest using an egg substitute like Great Lakes Gelatin? If so, how many “eggs” would you use? I’m going to make it the way you suggest today, but you noted it might be more dense without eggs. And thank you, so much, for posted this recipe! So excited to try it!

    1. Hi Heather!

      Thanks for reaching out! I honestly can’t say for sure how many gelatin eggs to add, as I haven’t tried this recipe with them yet.

      I did build this recipe loosely on a GF banana bread I used to make with eggs, but this final recipe as posted above is now so different that it would likely take some more test batches to get it right if any changes are made.


  14. Great Recipe! I made it with blueberries (mixed with tapioca starch) in the middle. But now I am out bananas so I am going to try using apples instead.

    1. Blueberries sound like the perfect addition! You’ll have to report back on how the apple version works! xx

  15. Unfortunately I am one of the people who this did not work out for. I made no substitutions, triple checked instructions, and even though I cooked longer than instructed, it remained an inch thick and did not cook through. It tastes good though, wish I could have made it work.

  16. I made this today and it was really yummy! so good! my kids who aren’t loving any of my baking aip recipes liked them! I added blueberries and baked them in muffin tins. That helps with the issue of it not cooking in the middle for those who had issues with that and also cuts the cooking time by half. My batter was initially dry (probably because my bananas were small) so I added an extra half a banana and 2 extra Tb. Of coconut oil and a bit of applesauce and they came out great!! Thanks for the recipe! So happy to have a muffin recipe on AIP!!!

  17. This is the MOST amazing AIP banana bread I have ever eaten. So moist and delicious!!! Thank you for making my day!

  18. I have tried 3 times but still did not work.As some of the other people, it did not bake inside.☹ But I ate them anyway.The taste is great!

  19. I made this recipe this evening. Best AIP banana bread yet! I’ll use half the amount of sugar next time as it was a little too sweet for me, but still delicious. Thanks!

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  25. Yum! Worked great in Alabama with ACV, half coconut sugar and half honey, and Terrasoul brand cassava flour. I made mini muffins- 350 for 15 min.

  26. Good recipe! I have been strict AIP for 9 months and really enjoy when the recipe is actually good! (I omitted the vanilla.)

  27. I just wanted to share that I have made this several times with a few modifications and it still turns out great each time. I follow the recipe instructions except I use 2 bananas instead of three and typically cut the sugar in half. I use these ratios even when I double the batch. Once all ingredients are in the bowl, I use my hands to mush everything together and then roll the dough into approximately 10-12 balls that are the size of extra large meatballs. I bake these on a parchment sheet for 22 minutes. They come out beautifully and that cuts the cook time which is helpful for me. I have also subbed the coconut flour for tigernut flour and the coconut sugar for maple sugar and they turned out just as delicious with a satisfying texture. Bravo on this yummy and versatile treat!

  28. I miss banana bread so much since I started AIP. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I gave it a try and it turned out great! I used an 8×5 loaf pan. I would be interested in using something skinnier and taller to see if it bakes up differently. Regardless, it’s delicious and thank you for helping to satiate my craving for carbs.

  29. The first time I made this I accidentally left out the additional sugar, and it tasted totally fine to my palate. Ever since then, I have been making it without the additional sugar and loving it!

  30. I LOVE LOVE this recipe! Thank you so much! (I hope you never “hide” is as mentioned a year ago, it is so great!)

    I have made it three times in the last couple weeks and it has come out perfect every time. Back before AIP, I used to have problems all the time with banana bread being gooey in the middle, but not once with this one. I love that I don’t have to deal with eggs.

    Tonight I made two loafs, one to travel with this weekend and another to freeze for the following week. I mixed in some fresh rhubarb in one and rhubarb and frozen blueberries in the other. Can’t wait to try them.

  31. This is SO good! I’ve made it so many times in the last 2 months. The first time, I did 1/2 banana and half pumpkin in the mix. It was delicious. 2nd time I made starit banana and 3rd time, I made banana blueberry. The blueberry took a bit of playing around with the ingredients to get the right consistency but it was so yummy.

  32. This is FABULOUS! Best AIP banana bread I’ve made. Thank you so much!

    I wonder if people think the recipe says thirty minutes for baking but it says “fifty minutes” and that’s how long it took for my bread.

    Again, just wonderful and I’m so thrilled you created this and shared this.

  33. I LOVE this recipe. I make a loaf or two each week. I let it cool completely on the counter overnight and then slice it in the morning. It freezes really well which is great because I love having this on hand at all times. I use less than 1/4 cup of coconut sugar because I found the recommended amount to be way too sweet. It has baked up perfectly for me every time except once. I cook at 350 for a full 60 minutes, that seems to be the magic amount of time for my oven. I found that if the bananas are too ripe, the interior doesn’t cook up correctly and is more gooey. I only use bananas that are JUST barely starting to get the little spots on the peel. Thank you for sharing this recipe, it has been a life saver on my AIP journey.

  34. I made this but with a few tweaks and one mistake (!) and it turned out amazing! So good my family immediately demanded I make it again, and I wished I’d made a bigger loaf! I subbed 1/4 cup of cassava flour with tigernut as I was running low on cassava, and then completely forgot to add the coconut flour! I also halved the sugar but it was still very sweet, so I think I could have just used 2 tb sugar, or perhaps even no sugar at all and it would still have been good (although my bananas were overripe so that probably helped with sweetness). I added cinnamon too, which worked really well.

    So pleased to have such an easy and delicious vegan AIP cake recipe in my repertoire now! So many AIP baking recipes rely on gelatin, but I have a lot of non meat eaters amongst my friends & family.

    A tip for anyone, like me, who is working with bananas that are already chopped up (I freeze mine when they get overripe), or who isn’t sure whether their bananas are “medium” sized: 3 medium bananas is approximately 1 cup mashed or 1 1/2 cups chopped.

  35. SO GOOD! I followed recipe with pamelas cassava flour and didn’t add any sugar at all. Used slightly refrigerator ripened bananas. Inside is slightly soft and a tiny gooey. It is so delicious. Crust is perfect. Yummmmm.

  36. Just made this again today, this time with 2 black spotted ripe bananas, and 1 just slightly beginning to ripen banana. The dough was wetter than my initial bake, so I added just enough coconut flour to combine it more into a dough.

    The outcome was delicious. Interestingly, less sweet than my first bake with 3 yellow, slightly ripened bananas. Maybe because of the little extra coconut flour? Either way it was slightly wetter than my previous bake.

    The bake was even, with no gooeyness.

    Both amazing!

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