Breitenbush Hot Springs


One of my favorite places to get nekkid in Oregon. Breitenbush Hot Springs. It’s like a full on summer camp for grown-ups where anything goes.

Natural mineral rich hot springs, a steamy hot sauna, cabins for overnight stays, 3 veggie meals served daily, massages, daily yoga, and lots of lying around naked while soaking up the sun and pure natural goodness. I love this place.

We visit Breitenbush a few times every year. They are pretty much open 365 days a year (except when closed for special events or maintenace) and each season has a unique experience to offer. We’ve been up there in the dead of winter when there is snow on the ground, and also in the middle of summer, where it’s a full on sunshine Vitamin D fest.


Pictured Above: “heed your HEAD” Entrance to the Steam Sauna, one of the most detoxifying and rejuvenating places on earth.

Pictured At the Top: Side view of the sauna, with the cold soak clawfoot tub and cold shower. That shower feels AMAZING after a deep steam treatment.

Breintenbush features 3 in ground natural hot springs pools, and 4 tiled in ground hot tub pools. The natural pools have nice sandy, smooth pebble bottoms, and they monitor the hot water flow into each pool, so they gradually get hotter as you jump from pool to pool. It was hard for me to get good pictures of the pools as there are naked people in them most of the time. Though if you go during a weekday, you will often be able to have a pool all to yourself, or to share with a dear friend. Tip: go on a weekday to avoid the crowds on the weekends. And reservations for day use or overnight stays are required ahead of time, no matter what, so be sure to call ahead.


 Aahhh. Our cutesy cabin for the night! I have stayed in the cabins here quite a few times, and it usually around $100 per person, for 2 to 3 people, which includes overnight lodging, 3 meals, and unlimited soaking. You can check out the rates here.


Inside view of a cabin for 3.

On this last trip, I got the top bunk. Don’t forget to BYOB = Bring Your Own Bedding!


So these days, now that my body has developed a ZERO soy tolerance, and I am pretty much grain and legume free, I have to bring my own food with me to Breitenbush, as all the yummy veggie food they prepare and serve for the buffet style meals 3 times daily is loaded with soy and/or grains and legumes. Poor me, as they really do make amazing food! Like really good food if your tummy can handle soy, grain and legumes. But there is one special treat they make, that makes my belly and spirit super happy, and that is this huge pitcher of hibiscus punch. It is so refreshing and revitalizing after a day of soaking in the tubs. ♥

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