Falling Fruit Foraging World Map

Falling Fruit Foraging Map

This project is too cool not to share! The folks behind Falling Fruit have created an interactive map with over 787,470 locations of 1,262 different edible fruits, berries, nuts and herbs free for the picking around the world. Many of the locations I have looked at so far are on public lands and are easily accessible without permission. After a quick look at the interactive map I found places where I can go pick fresh figs, cherries, salal berries, rosemary, blackberries, apples, crabapples, salmonberries, huckleberries, thimbleberries (my favorite!) pears and more. In the Portland, Oregon area alone there are over 13,000 places that have been identified for free picking.


Falling Fruit Foraging World Map

Foraging for foods is one of my most favorite activities. There is something so primal about picking and harvesting your own food. And the passion I have for wild foods runs deep in my spirit. When I forage I feel like I am tapping into a root that runs back to the beginning of time. And when you harvest foods that are only available seasonally a true appreciation comes with it. Those foods become even more prized. Tart cherries, thimbleberries, huckleberries, and fresh figs are my favorite fruits of the summer, and there a sense of magic that goes into hunting and harvesting them. I love that we have an interactive falling fruit map standing by ready for endless foraging adventures.
The great thing about this map is we are all invited to add to it and share locations where wild growing foods are otherwise going to waste. So if you don’t find any picking points in your area you can easily get the ball rolling by adding some. Let’s get picking!

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