Savory Paleo Crepes and Keto Wraps

I go through phases where I get obsessed with a recipe for certain food for a bit, and at the moment I am a wee bit obsessed with my savory Paleo crepes! They have a very crepe-like texture even though they are totally grain-free and starch-free! The secret ingredient is the sprouted watermelon seeds I use from the Go Raw company. I link below in the recipe notes on the best deals I have found for purchasing them. I wrote up this big post last year on why I love making pancakes & crepes with these magical little seeds, so if you have any questions about using them, I probably answered them in this post on baking with watermelon seed flour. And please note the sprouted watermelon seeds are what make these crepes so wonderful, as they don’t have that outer fibrous shell.

If you already have a keto crepe and paleo wrap recipe you treasure and you don’t feel like experimenting with a new ingredient that is nut-free, coconut-free, starch-free, and dairy-free, then this recipe likely won’t excite you the way it does me! But for me, a gal whose lived so many years grain-free now, I treasure being able to make these lightweight savory crepes to wrap up my breakfast with or take on a picnic! I actually shared these crepes with a my friend Kelly Babbit last week in a picnic lunch we shared under my apple trees. I made a batch of crepes the night before, and for our little picnic lunch we dined on savory crepes, pastured ham, goat cheese, avocado, and wild salad greens, along with fruit salad, and rosewater lemonade. Below are some photos I took of our picnic on my phone.

(For best results, I recommend assembling crepes just before eating, especially if you are using a filling that might cause the crepe to become soggy. Our leftover crepes were still delicious the next day after sitting in the fridge filled with ham and cheese overnight, but I generally recommend assembling grain-free wraps & sandwiches right before eating. And here is a link to the coconut crunch ice cream bars pictured below.)

Savory Paleo Crepes & Keto Wraps Recipe - dairy-free, nut-free, coconut-free Recipe

You will notice that I include a good amount of fresh fruit in my “lower carb” diet, so I am not a strict low/no-carber, though I am strict when it comes to avoiding all grains & refined sugars, and I avoid most starches too. I feel my ultimate best when I bake with low carb, low starch, grain-free “flours”. But I also feel great when I add fresh fruits to the mix too. And of course I love loading up on healthy fats too! I tried full keto for a while, but I like how I feel & function better with natural fruits in my daily diet too. ♥

Savory Paleo Crepes & Keto Wraps Recipe - dairy-free, nut-free, coconut-free Recipe

See this link for my favorite low carb, dairy-free, sweet crepe recipe.

low carb paleo crepes, dairy-free, keto, breakfast crepes and wrap recipe

Paleo Wraps and Savory Crepes

Servings 6 crepes
Author Andrea Wyckoff


  • 1/2 cup sprouted watermelon seeds see notes on where to purchase
  • 2 pastured eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons to 3 of coconut milk or other "milk"
  • 1/2 Tablespoon avocado oil or other oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • tiny pinch of sea salt
  • your choice savory herbs & seasonings: dried onion dill, black pepper, minced fresh parsley or cilantro
  • plus: a little oil for cooking


  1. Measure 1/2 cup of sprouted watermelon seeds (measure before grinding.)
  2. Then grind them into "flour" using a coffee grinder, takes about 15 seconds.
  3. Mix watermelon seed flour with 2 Tablespoons of "milk" (I use coconut milk), then add in remaining ingredients in the order they are listed (add herbs in very last, after initial mixing/blending). If you need to thin out your batter a little more, then add in another Tablespoon of "milk", add as needed. I get the best results with a thin batter.
  4. I recommend using a whisk, or immersion blender, to blend the batter and get rid of any clumps.
  5. You can use a crepe maker or a frying pan to make the crepes.
  6. To make the most perfect crepes I use this crepe maker that cooks the crepes on both sides, at the same time. If using the crepe maker, add a little pat of butter (I use goat milk butter) or oil, spoon on a little batter, gently close the top lid, and wait about 1 to 2 minutes. The crepe maker will "beep" when they are ready, but I like to cook them in a shorter time, so I pull them off shortly before the "beep". You will get a knack for knowing when they are ready once you've made them a couple times.
  7. For those using a frying pan, heat it up over medium heat. Add a little oil or butter, spoon in a little batter, swirl the pan to help spread out the batter (or gently use a spoon). Once little bubbles appear in the batter they are ready to flip. Note: if using a frying pan, it works best to make your crepes on the SMALLER side, this is because they are tricky to flip the bigger they are. You will see that the bottom cooked side holds together nicely, but the top uncooked side gets kinda messy when you flip them, that's okay, as once you flip them, and use a spatula to push them back together, they will hold together really nicely after both sides are cooked. But I still recommend making them smaller than you would if using a crepe maker.
  8. Crepes keep well in an air tight container in the fridge for about 5 days.
  9. See this link for my favorite low carb sweet crepe recipe.

Recipe Notes

I use the Go Raw brand of Sprouted Watermelon Seeds in this recipe. The best deals I have found have been around $7.99 at Whole Foods and $9.99 at Vitacost. To save $10 on your first order from Vitacost, use this link:

One bag of sprouted watermelon seeds has 10 ounces, and I use 2 ounces in this recipe. This recipe makes 6 crepes, 3 servings of 2 crepes each, so each serving costs between $0.53 cents to $0.67 cents for the seed "flour", plus the cost of the eggs, herbs, etc.

  • Estimated Nutrition information from based on making 3 servings, approx 2 crepes per serving.
  • Calories: 180
  • Total Fat: 14 grams
  • Total Carbs: 3 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Sugars: 0
  • Protein: 11 grams

Savory Paleo Crepes & Keto Wraps Recipe - dairy-free, nut-free, coconut-free Recipe

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11 thoughts on “Savory Paleo Crepes and Keto Wraps

  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of sprouted watermelon seeds. So interesting!! I’ll have to see if I can get these in my area.

    1. Hi Myra!

      They are such a cool seed! I am starting to see them appear more and more places, so hopefully you can easily find them too!

  2. HI Andrea,
    I have never heard of watermelon seed sprouts – how unique. I love this recipe – it looks so delicious and has such healthy ingredients. What a wonderful meal it would for a hot summer day! Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  3. I have made flour from butternut squash seeds that worked as nice as the watermelon seeds. I haven’t tried sprouting them, they worked good just drying them.

  4. I’m definitely having my kids save all their watermelon seeds this summer so we can try these. Haha! Thanks so much for sharing them at Allergy Free Thursdays, Andrea! 🙂

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